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The fluffy strands of polyester rugs confuse many individuals regarding cleaning procedures. They think it’s tricky and delays the cleaning action. What if we say it is easy to clean and maintain a Polyester flooring even with its silky fur? Yes, that’s possible. You can always keep your flooring clean with rug cleaning specialists tips and tricks. Read this guide further for more details.

How to Keep Your Polyester Rug Always Clean?

Step 1: Understand Your Polyester Rug Type
You may wonder, what is more, to know about? You already have a Ployster rug, so you are reading a care guide for it. However, knowing the fibres of Polyester is not enough. These rugs can be of natural or synthetic fibres. Most of them are not biodegradable except the few made with natural threads. These floorings come in two types – plush and shag rugs. These floorings can be your long-term friend with various colours, softness, and durability.

Whether you have a natural or synthetic Polyester rug, it attracts and traps dirt and filth in the threads. Especially wool and shaggy ones are prone to accumulating more dust or soil particles because of their static properties. As we all know, each rug needs a specific cleaning treatment. So, even if you know the fabric type is Polyester, you should understand the particular class. Read the care label, and ask the manufacturer, or rug cleaning specialists. Once you know even the minor details of your flooring, it will be easy for you to take care of it.

Step 2: Shake it Well

It’s the most straightforward way to remove dust and dirt particles from the flooring. All you have to do is, take your rug outside and give it a good shake. Hold two corners of your flooring and shake it well. You can ask your friend to give you a hand or hang it over a fence, railing, or clothesline for large carpeting. Repeat this procedure until no dust particles come out of the rug.

If you feel shaking is not enough, you can use a solid stick to give a good wack to the flooring. Ensure you hit both the sides to remove all filth. These are the most traditional ways to remove dust; however, they may not suit old rugs.

Step 3: Vacuum Clean Twice a Week

Vacuuming will help to keep dirt from attaching to the fibres. With regular vacuuming and shaking your rug, you can get a dust-free flooring. These dust particles are the primary enemies of any carpeting. They hold stains, odours and germs and don’t let them go quickly. So, it is better to keep soil particles at bay in the first place.

Vacuum both sides of your rug at least twice a week. The frequency depends on the traffic it gets. While vacuuming, you should disable the beater bar and vacuum with suction only.

Step 4: Spot Clean Spills Immediately

Even though Polyester is a stain-resistant fabric, stains happen, and it’s best to take action immediately. Blot up spills with white and dry clothe (without any design or colour). Avoid scribing as it may distort the rug’s pile and push the stain particles deep into the fibres. Blot the spot until it’s clean. Use a spoon to scrape up the particles.

Apply a small amount of stain remover with a dry and clean towel depending on the fabric type. Check the chemical on the corner spot to check colourfastness and other effects. If the chemical is harmful to the rug, use Vinegar or baking soda instead. These are natural and the most recommended solutions to clean any flooring. They also remove any nasty odour from the carpeting. Ensure no soap residue is left on your flooring—clean and dry the spot before using the rug again.

Some stains like urine or vomit can be hard to deal with. These spills contain germs and may smell bad. So, the best way to deal with them is to ask professionals for commercial rug cleaning services. The experts will quickly remove the stain and restore the original feel of your flooring.

Step 5: Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, take your rug outside and perform the following steps:

1. Use a hose or several buckets of water to wet down your flooring.

2. Make a mixture of mild soap solution or rug cleaners with water.

3. Text the solvent on a small corner of the flooring.

4. If everything goes well, apply the solvent to the rug and let it sit for a few minutes.

5. Rinse the flooring thoroughly till the runoff water is soap-free.

6. After that, remove the excess water and let it sit in the sun for pleasant drying.

Washing your flooring at home can be a hassle. It would be best if you had a lot of time, space and effort. Instead, you can call rug cleaning specialists and let them do their job. Experts are knowledgeable and well-trained in cleaning all floorings. So, choose a safe and green cleaning company at an affordable rate. Talk to them before hiring and solve all your concerns.

Additional Tips from Experts

Having a clean and fresh rug feels incredible. However, you need to follow some tips and maintain your flooring’s condition. These tips and very simple and may not take your time or effort. Here we go:

1. Keep your rug always dry. Don’t place plant pots on them.

2. Train your pets and keep an eye on them. Keep them well-groomed so their nails and dander won’t harm the flooring.

3. Vacuum clean twice a week.

4. Blot spills immediately. Don’t hide the stains under furniture or another object.

5. Hire professionals for an annual deep cleaning.

Keeping your Polyester rug clean requires maintenance, vacuuming, immediate spot treatment and yearly professional cleaning. So, follow these tips and have a routine to check on your valuable flooring. Ask rug cleaning Gold Coast specialists for inspection and deep cleaning.

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